Tuesday, 30 November 2021

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EMS Agencies, Field Personnel, and OMDs within the TEMS Region:

All manufacturers are currently experiencing supply issues related to shortages of injectable narcotic products. Shortages are related to manufacturing delays and product availability. These shortages are predicted to extend into 2019.

These shortages include morphine 10 mg/1 mL 10 mg vials and fentanyl 50 mcg/1 mL 100 mcg vials that are stocked in the Tidewater EMS Red medication boxes.

 Due to these shortages and with the approval of the regional medical director, Dr. Stewart Martin, we will be reducing the controlled medication inventory to the following levels as the boxes are exchanged:

  •          1 x morphine 10 mg/1 mL 10mg vial
  •          1 x fentanyl 50 mcg/ 1mL 100 mcg vial

We will NOT be removing these current drugs, but as morphine and/or fentanyl are used/expire we will only restock 1 vial each.   As always, boxes will need to be clearly labeled with anything missing. 

The pharmacy will place a sticker on the red medication box that states “Contains 1 morphine 10mg Vial” and/or “Contains 1 fentanyl 100 mcg Vial.”

This injectable opiate shortage is predicted to last through second quarter 2019. 

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