Sunday, 28 November 2021

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Tidewater EMS Council Agencies,

We have received a request from Sentara Healthcare to distribute the information below. To be clear this is not a complaint, the normal process is for EMS crews to bypass the ED for Labor & Delivery. To protect the Unit and L&D folks, they are identifying high risk patients in the ED, so they can warn the units in advance.

EMS colleagues, the Emergency Departments need some assistance as we move through the COVID-19 scenarios. PPE is limited on many floors, so we are trying to screen admits coming into the hospital through the EDs. How can you help?


Please identify high risk patients when you call on the radio or stop and check-in with the ED charge nurses. This provides the charge nurses with an opportunity to identify high risk patients by asking questions and to ensure identified patients have a mask before transporting through the facility. This will also allow the charge nurses to notify the unit or L&D about the potential risk of a patient being routed to their unit.


We appreciate your help and partnership as we work through these scenarios. If you have ideas, please route through your leadership, so they can follow up with the healthcare facilities you support.


Best wishes and stay healthy!


Rusty Bradfield, Director SNGH ED


Should you have any questions, please engage the Charge Nurse at the respective facility.

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