Sunday, 28 November 2021

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In cooperation with the hospital pharmacies and the TEMS Regional Medical Direction Committee, during this time frame of concern, the policy for drug box use and exchange is as follows:

EMS providers opening a drug box should keep the box clear of patient contact as much as possible without disrupting patient care, for example by positioning it behind the head of the stretcher, in the drug box compartment, at the far end of the bench seat, etc.

After the call is completed, and prior to exchanging the box at the facility, EMS providers are required to decon the box with Cavi wipes or similar sanitizing cleaning wipes. The ED and pharmacies are aware of this policy and will accept the box for exchange as usual.

Thank you for your attention. As always, feel free to contact the TEMS office with any questions (757) 963-0632


pdf TEMS Drug Box Decon Infectious Diseases (55 KB)

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